Winery Gantenbein R

Winery Gantenbein - Caduff's Wineloft For me, Martha and Daniel Gantenbein are among the best vintners in Switzerland, and their wines are also some of the best internationally.

Our evenings together were unforgettable.

Unfortunately we had too few of them, when we had the pleasure to enjoy with you, dear Martha and dear Daniel, with food and drink.

These evenings can hardly be topped!


Winery Dom Prieuré Roch RR

Winery Dom Prieuré Roch - Caduff's Wineloft For more than ten years I’ve wanted to import this winery from Burgundy, now I’ve got the general import for German-speaking Switzerland – it’s like birthday, Christmas and a lottery together.

I am overjoyed to be able to sell these gigantically brilliant wines. What Yannik Champ and Christel Roch conjure up from Pinot grapes is heavenly.

Henry Roch, who unfortunately died in November 2018, was also co-owner of the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. He was certainly one of the most outstanding winemaker personalities of Burgundy.


Winery Dönnhoff R

Winery Dönhoff - Caduff's Wineloft I have been importing and buying these filigree, fitness-rich, charming and great wines for almost thirty years. And yet I am always amazed at what great Rieslings this winery on the Nahe River produces every year.

Thank you, Hellmuth, Gaby Cornelius and Anne. I can hardly wait until I can enjoy your next wines with you.

The remaining 2019s from Dönnhoff will come in autumn. Older vintages on request.


Winery Egon Müller RR

Winery Egon Müller - Caduff's Wineloft

Anyone who has once tasted one of Egon Müller’s gigantic Rieslings will never forget it for the rest of their lives. Only when I think of the moments I was allowed to experience through the smell and taste of these wines do I get chicken skin. Heavenly!

I am already incredibly looking forward to the next meeting with you, Valeska, Egon, Egon Junior and Isabelle.

The 2019s from Egon Müller are coming in autumn. Older vintages on request.