Winery Gantenbein R

Winery Gantenbein - Caduff's Wineloft For me, Martha and Daniel Gantenbein are among the best vintners in Switzerland, and their wines are also some of the best internationally.

Our evenings together were unforgettable.

Unfortunately we had too few of them, when we had the pleasure to enjoy with you, dear Martha and dear Daniel, with food and drink.

These evenings can hardly be topped!


Winery zur alten Post Georg Schlegel R

Winery zur alten Post Georg Schlegel - Caduff's Wineloft Family business for 6 generations. The Schlegel family’s winery at the Alte Post stands for a long tradition in winemaking.


Winery Erich Meier R

Winery Erich Meier - Caduff's Wineloft Erich Meier has stood for complex top wines for years, that inspire with their complexity and character. Sometimes he works day and night until the wine is perfect has achieved – and meets its quality standards.


Cave Marie-Thérèse Chappaz R

Cave Marie-Thérèse Chappaz - Caduff's Wineloft The wines come from a region that is unique in its terroir, its climate and the diversity of grape varieties is unique and reflects the handling with the environment and their passion for authenticity and quality.


Winery Denis Mercier R

Winery Denis Mercier - Caduff's Wineloft From 2 grape varieties at the beginning to 13 today, the focus from the start was on producing quality wines and mainly traditional grape varieties.


La Maison Carrée R

La Maison Carrée - Caduff's Wineloft On the one hand, the domaine is one of the most traditional Swiss wine producers – on the other hand, are among the most innovative.


Schlossgut Diel R

Schlossgut Diel - Caduff's Wineloft Caroline grows wine sustainable and in harmony with the nature. The vineyards are for them the potential from which it comes to get the best out of it applies. With a lot of sensitivity, hard work and careful Intervene – at the right moment.


Winery Dönnhoff R

Winery Dönnhoff - Caduff's Wineloft I have been importing and buying these filigree, fitness-rich, charming and great wines for almost thirty years. And yet I am always amazed at what great Rieslings this winery on the Nahe River produces every year.

Thank you, Hellmuth, Gaby Cornelius and Anne. I can hardly wait until I can enjoy your next wines with you.