Cave Marie-Thérèse Chappaz

The wines come from a region that is unique in its terroir, its climate and the diversity of grape varieties is unique and reflects the handling with the environment and their passion for authenticity and quality.

She loves listening to nature, her breathing, her Silence. This respectful search is concretized in biodynamics; a gentle method in which the Vine comes into contact with the cosmos and the daily work takes on a garb of modesty. Marie-Thérèse strives for excellence. Constant she tries to personalize her wine with him Patience and humility as the bearer of a past, of a terroir, of a hope. The winemaking is done as naturally as possible, taking into account the stages and development of the wine, with native yeasts and a minimum of inputs (but still with Sulfites) to create a beautiful sensory palette of these corner of the country where life is good leaves.