Wine Rating


I deliberately abstain from the individual evaluation of our wines. Because I only sell wines that I am absolutely enthusiastic about in the respective price category.
I only sell wines that are really top, that I love and enjoy myself. 


Most of the wines we sell are very rare and very sought after. It goes without saying that they are only available in small quantities, not to say very small quantities. We reserve the right to reduce your orders or, in the case of extremely rare wines, to distribute them only on request.

R = Rarity – we reserve the right to make cuts.
RR = much rarer than a rarity – you can request, I will tell you what you will receive.

Drinking, not trading

Wines are for drinking. Many of these wines, once bought from us, have a much higher value than the purchase price you pay. We sell our wines at fair prices and we want the wines to be drunk. Our wineries and I do not want these great wines to be traded like stocks and shares and their prices to shoot up and up.

Older vintages

We also get some wines of older vintages from our producers, ask us for them. We will be happy to make you an offer. Of course these wines are even rarer, try your luck. But please write to me very nicely, because I don’t really like to sell these wines smile ☺. I love these old, mature treasures very much.

We offer the wines only when they are available in our store. Only then will they be offered on our website