Winery Wittmann

The Wittmann family already owned all of their vineyards in 1990 converted to organic farming. This makes Wittmann count one of Germany’s organic pioneers.

The next step followed in 2004, the further development to biodynamic farming. In biodynamics you not only avoid chemical-synthetic agents like in organic cultivation, But one also deals intensively with the cosmic forces in order to better support the dynamics of plant growth and to be able to produce balanced, harmonious wines.

Those who work biodynamically are closely connected to his vineyards. The Wittmanns want that their soils are vital and the vines grow in a balanced manner. But there is no general rule for balance Recipe, but you have to adapt it individually to each one individual location, the grape variety and the microclimate. That’s why daily contact and watching the vines is irreplaceable.