Exclusive wine and gourmet tours

Exclusive wine and gourmet tours

as an introduction to an extraordinary evening.

With food and wine there is no compromise with me. I want the best products. And I want to know the people behind them and their work. I would be happy to take you on wine and gourmet tours in Switzerland and abroad.

We visit the best producers, the most beautiful markets and authentic restaurants in the region. Some of these wineries and food markets would not be accessible without these long-standing relationships. Whether Bündnerland, Ticino or Valais, whether Tuscany, Piedmont, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Rhône, Rioja, Moselle or southern Styria – with a maximum of 12 people, the trip becomes an exclusive experience.

. Number of peopleup to 12 people
. Duration3-7 days (after agreement).
. Wine destinations – Italy
– France
– Spain
– Portugal
– Germany
– Switzerland
– Austria
. Costupon request

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