Winery Maximin Grünhaus

The Maximin Grünhaus winery is located at the foot of an extensive, steep southern slope on the left side of the Ruwer, about 2 km from it Mouth into the Moselle. The rounded, closed vineyard location Maximin Grünhaus stands with her monopoly locations Abtsberg, Herrenberg and Bruderberg for wines that unmistakably show their origin represent.

A monopoly position means sole ownership and the sole economic activity in this situation through this Winery. Very rare in the world and present three times on Maximin Grünhaus. The Bruderberg is the smallest location in our winery. The 1 hectare vineyard is exclusively with Riesling planted and, like the Abtsberg, bluish Devonian slate dominates. The adjacent forest offers strong protection from the northwest cold. One early morning sun and early evening shade make it the coolest location in our winery the racy, lively Rieslings are created.