Winery Martha & Daniel Gantenbein

On the edge of the wine village of Fläsch, in the Grisons Rhine Valley, there is a striking ensemble in the vineyards: the Gantenbein winery. Martha and Daniel Gantenbein have been making wine here since 1982.

They recognized early on that the vine was critically important. That’s why they decided to plant Burgundy clones in their vineyards. They learned that the grape should not lose anything on the way from the vine to the bottle. From this That’s why they designed their operation accordingly: the grapes and juice flow using gravity, without any use of pumps or filtration. Most of the 5 hectares of land is dedicated to Pinot Noir, while 1 hectare belongs to Chardonnay. Finally, Riesling is grown on an area of 20 acres. It’s brilliant what the Gantenbeins vinify every year. Wow – what great wines!