Winery Denis Mercier

From 2 grape varieties at the beginning to 13 today, the focus from the start was on producing quality wines and mainly traditional grape varieties.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Mercier family built their residence on the sunny slopes of the Pradec hill. In 1982, Anne-Catherine and Denis moved to Sierre and began cultivating 3 hectares of vineyards around Château Mercier.

With the opportunities, the winery grew to 7 hectares in 2019. The 7 hectare estate around the town of Sierre is divided into more than 50 plots, which are often bordered. It consists of 2 large units: Pradec around the Château Mercier and Goubing near the cellar.

In 2012, Madeleine joined the family business after training as an oenologist and doing some internships abroad. In 2016, a barrel cellar was built – a showcase for the exceptional wines. 2019, a new epic in the vineyard with the gradual.