Winery Erich Meier

Erich Meier has stood for complex top wines for years, that inspire with their complexity and character. Sometimes he works day and night until the wine is perfect has achieved – and meets its quality standards.

He is one of the pioneers in winemaking. For the vines, however, he relies on the old, tried and tested ones Varieties that have been optimal on Lake Zurich for decades thrive. He attaches great importance to sustainability and always pays attention to a good balance – in the vineyard as well as in the wine itself. This is how wine comes from the consistent combination of traditional wine culture, perfectionism and a fine feeling for Trends, vintages of the highest quality that impress experts and wine lovers alike. 6.8 hectares of vineyards, 9 grape varieties. The Glarus Foehn, drying biswind, morning fog, lots of sun, optimal ground conditions – together They give Lake Zurich wine its very special character. In this unique climate, he farms with a lot of manual labor on his historic winery in Uetikon am See carefully nurtured and cared for grapes, year after year Top wines of first-class quality every year.