Winery Keller Flöhrsheim

At the end of the 18th century, Johann Leonhard Keller fled the unrest the French Revolution from Switzerland and settled in Dalsheim low. The good relations with the clergy made it possible for him in 1789 the acquisition of the Dalsheimer Oberen, which was previously owned by the monastery Hubackers, which has since been solely owned by the Kellers.

The current Riesling vines in this location were planted between 1972 and 1985. With the vintage In 2000 Klaus Peter Keller took over from his father, Klaus Keller, primarily responsible for the vineyard and… Cellar work of the traditional Rhine-Hessian estate. The Wines from Kellers are great and rare. We have only small amounts.

What the Kellers vinify is simply brilliant, no matter whether it’s the green Sylvaner that he specially designed for students or those on a small budget have, makes, a Grosses Gewächs or one of his beguiling sweet wines – everything produces chicken skin with joy. Just what they do for their vineyards put in an effort with the various herbs between the rows of vines, the bushes planted next to them and now the closer plantings with 25,000 vines instead of the usual 10,000 counteract global warming. This is how they donate Leaves provide shade for the grapes and the soil does not dry out as quickly. It’s simply brilliant.

Thank you for allowing us to have your wines.