Winery Domaine Prieuér Roch Diverse 2017

CHF215.00 inkl. MwST 7,7

Origin France
Grape Burgund Pinot Noir
Producer Domaine Prieuér Roch
Year 2017
Size 75 cl
Rating RR

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Producer Description

Domaine Prieuré Roch RR. For more than ten years I have wanted to import this vineyard from Burgundy, now I have got the general import for German-speaking Switzerland – it’s like birthday, Christmas and a lottery together. I am overjoyed to be able to sell these gigantically brilliant wines. What Yannik Champ and Christel Roch conjure up from Pinot grapes is heavenly.

Wine Traubensorten Price
NUITS ler CRU Vieilles Vignes Burgundy Pinot Noir CHF215
Le Clos des Corvées Burgundy Pinot Noir CHF440
Clos des Argillières Burgundy Pinot Noir CHF315
Les Suchots Burgund Burgundy Pinot Noir CHF350
Les Hautes-Maizières Burgundy Pinot Noir CHF370
Clos de Vougeot Burgundy Pinot Noir CHF420
Le Clos Goillotte Burgundy Pinot Noir CHF1000
Clos de Bèze Burgundy Pinot Noir CHF980

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