Wine package Gantenbein 2020 (Riesling)

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Origin Switzerland
Grape 1 Riesling, 1 Chardonnay, 4 Pinot Noir
Producer Gantenbein
Year 2020
Size 75 cl
Case 6 bottles – 1 Riesling, 1 Chardonnay and 4 Pinot Noir
Rating RR

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Top rarity.
The quality comes from the vineyard. Only with optimal grape material can wines be produced as we strive for. The effort for the selection is accordingly high. Even in years with optimal weather conditions. 2020 was anything but. The result: great wines, but the smallest quantity we have ever harvested.

Package of 6 Gantenbein rarities:
1 Riesling
1 Chardonnay and
4 Pino Noir

Producer Description

For me, Martha and Daniel Gantenbein are among the best winegrowers in Switzerland, its wines are also some of the best internationally. Unforgettable are also the unfortunately much too few evenings together, dear Martha and dear Daniel, that we were able to enjoy with you and your family at the table. This evenings are hard to top!

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